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Agile EVM Discussion

David Scott 10-19-2014

Over the last year and a half there have been a lot of discussions about Agile EVM.  Much of the discussion has revolved around whether Agile and EVM are incompatible or complimentary.  However, from my point of view this discussion is somewhat rhetorical if you have been directed to use an Agile development methodology and have to report EVM to your customer.  The mechanics of how you do EVM on Agile projects aside - I think there are several things that organizations need to consider:
1.       Do we have standard Agile development processes for release and sprint planning?
2.       How do we estimate project costs?  Based on average story point value or based on hours?
3.       If we don’t maintain tasks in the project schedule, how do we identify when tasks have slipped which may impact the release schedule?
There is increasing focus by both government and industry to provide some guidance on these topics.  The GAO has been gathering input from government and industry sources to provide an ‘Agile’ appendix to the GAO Scheduling Best Practices Guide, followed by an appendix to the GAO Cost Guide.   The NDIA Integrated Program Management committee has recently convened a subcommittee to develop an Agile dictionary and best practices guide(s).   If you would like additional information on this topic or would like to support these organizations, please send me an email to .
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