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Leveraging Your EVMS to Price Proposals 

David Scott      09-28-2015

If you are a government contractor and your organization has deployed Deltek's Cobra software, chances are you implemented the solution to fulfill an Earned Value Management (EVM) reporting requirement. EVMS implementations may be costly in terms of time and dollars, but ultimately the system will provide AMSI/EIA 748 (EIA 748) compliant reporting and enable effective project management. Having made this initial investment, wouldn't it be great if you could leverage that implementation to improve on other areas of your organization?

KM Systems Group (KMSG) has implemented Cobra for both agency and commercial customers for more than 10 years, and in many cases we have expanded the EVMS to include processes and procedures for pricing proposals. In addition to increasing the return on investment for a system that is already purchases and implemented for EVM requirements, pricing proposals in the ECMS also helps to overcome many of the hurdles typically associated with the transition from pre-award to post-award. Click here to access to KMSG's White Paper.
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