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Deltek Cobra - HotFix 5.1 Overview

Jessica Hancock08-03-2012

Last month Deltek released Cobra HotFix #15, which addressed several Cobra 5.1 software issues. Prior to this most recent HotFix, the last update released was in May of 2012. KMSG has found that as more users are migrating from Cobra 4.7 to 5.1 environments, Deltek has increased the rate at which they are releasing HotFixes. We encourage all users to actively participate in the improvement of the 5.1 tool by communicating issues and potential bugs to Deltek or contributing to Cobra 5.1 user groups such as the Deltek Cobra User Group on LinkedIn.

HotFix#15 addresses 24 issues which have been either identified by users or Deltek’s Cobra development team. A detailed list of the resolved issues can be found on the Deltek Customer Care website under Cobra HotFixes. Major updates impact the following Cobra features, functions, or applications:

  • CPR Formats 1-5
  • Data Conversion Tool for migration of Cobra 4.7 settings to Cobra 5.1
  • wInsight export wizard and UN/CEFACT schema
  • Security related to reports
  • Integration wizard for Ancillary data
  • Integration wizard for Project Data (also specific integration with Primavera and Open Plan)
  • Cobra Help Topics
  • Advance Calendar and floating flags functionality
  • EPM Security Administrator tool and Password Encryption
  • Copying, Renaming or Moving a Control Account
  • Reclass Process

Several of the resolved issues mentioned in the Deltek documentation are noted as affecting all users, notably the updates to EPM Security Administrator and the Help File! If you are a current Cobra 5.1 user, contact your System Administrator or IT personnel to install the update at your earliest convenience.

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