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Organizational Performance Improvement

Federal Agencies and Commercial Organizations now, more than ever, have to do more with less. Managers have to be lean and minimize costs while expanding services and still exceeding customer expectations. Proven weapons to avoid surprises are standardized processes, real-time information, accurate data, and efficient collaboration. Obtaining these critical enablers of success requires deliberate design and professional discipline. KM Systems Group (KMSG) enables performance improvement for companies seeking to maximize efficiency.

Strategic Planning

In today’s economic environment it is critical that program objectives are aligned with agency and mission goals, performance is continually assessed, business process improvements are identified, and resource requirements frequently assessed. KM Systems Group’s experienced leaders can assist you in planning your near- and long-term organizational goals and assessing the means for positioning your organization for continued success.


  • Goal Setting: Define clearly, well-reasoned short-term goals and long-term objectives that align with agency missions and goals
  • Organizational Performance Management Tactics: Design and implement the right methodologies, procedures, and guidelines
  • Change Management: Develop a plan to communicate your goals and strategy throughout your organization and engage stakeholders

Organizational Analysis and Performance Planning

KM Systems Group is an industry leader in providing professional technical support solutions to assist organizations and top level executives in fundamentally rethinking and redesigning how their organization will meet its strategic objectives. Coupled with performance planning, KMSG helps ensure that managers have the appropriate data for accurate decision-making and that the organizational structure facilitates optimum performance.


  • Metrics Determination: Research data to determine the right information you need for decision making and improve confidence in the data you receive regarding organizational performance
  • Organizational Design Analysis: Research and ensure an appropriate organization structure
  • Quality Management: Define quality in the context of your organization and develop a systematic processes allowing managers to understand and measure success

Business Process Improvement / Business Process Management

Business Process Management ensures that performance improvement methodologies and standard procedures are established, implemented, communicated, and adhered to without overburdening staff with paperwork and administrative overhead. Our process optimization experts work with you to assess your strategic goals, analyze performance targets, and lay out an improvement plan that will meet your current needs and position you to grow.


  • Process Analysis: Assess process design and quantify process performance in production and delivery
  • Root Cause Analysis: Define the root issues to address critical contributors to inefficiency
  • Process Design: Design performance improvement processes using tools and techniques based on Lean best practices and other quality management approaches
  • Improvement Planning: Develop performance improvement plans for implementation, including organization preparation and change management activities