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Project Portfolio Management (PPM) and Project Management Office (PMO)

Federal Agencies and Commercial organizations face ever increasing IT budget cuts and constraints. For this reason it is imperative they maximize their return on investment by insuring all capital projects are directly aligned with the organization’s mission or objectives, leverage economies of scale through shared services, and the elimination of duplicative projects. They are also striving to improve the execution of capital projects to ensure on time and budget deployment of mission critical systems. KM Systems Group (KMSG) is a leader in Project Portfolio Management (PPM) and supporting the implementation of Project Management Office’s (PMO’s) for Federal Agencies and Commercial organizations.

Project Portfolio Management

KMSG works with Federal Agencies and Commercial Organizations to enable an integrated approach that will ensure that IT Project Portfolio Management integrates with strategic planning, project performance metrics, Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC); as well as project management, earned value management, and risk management. KMSG employs a unique program centric approach in which cross-functional teams collaborate as a focused unit to implement and support CPIC based on the type and complexity of programs. The CPIC process also supports the development of capital project business cases, project planning and all reporting as required by the Clinger Cohen Act as well as the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Exhibit’s 300/53.


  • Business Case Development
  • Alternatives Analysis
  • Budgeting and Planning
  • Capital Planning and Investment Control
  • OMB Exhibit 300 and 53 reporting

Portfolio and Program Performance Metrics (P3M)

The ability to gain visibility into projects through a collection of common metrics is critical to achieving the organizations objectives. KMSG’s P3M approach involves increasing the use of business-based decision making, which provides an early warning regarding program performance issues before they escalate into major undertakings. P3M metrics address financial, schedule, technical, resources, external interest, and the program manager’s assessment. Program Success = fn (Financial, Schedule, Technical, Resources, External, PM Assessment). We focus senior leadership on what drives program success rather than on the program details. KMSG’s approach will lead to more predictable projects outcomes and makes dependencies among programs easier to identify.