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We have a blog!

Blaire Hettrick 07-18-2012

After a lot of tinkering and toying with the idea, it is official; KM Systems Group has started a company blog. We are excited for the opportunity to further engage with our customers, partners, and yes, even our competition. KMSG thrives on the expert knowledge and experience of our consultants, so why not share this savvy insight?

Our goal is simple: to share what we know. This concept allows our posts to cover a variety of topics, while providing our own ideas, opinions, and experience. Our second goal? Attract readers and promote interaction. Putting our knowledge into writing is only beneficial if it is something you want to read about and comment on; there needs to be a conversation. Let’s be frank, Project and Program Management don’t always strike readers as the most exciting topics, but throw in a debate over the type of software used, whether users will be forced to upgrade to a newer version ($$), or what the best methodology for implementation is, and you would be surprised how heated things can get. While the primary focus will revolve around program management powered by EVM (yes, if you have stumbled across our site before, this is our tagline), we also plan on drawing from related fields as well.

I promise this is the one and only time you will see this, as our blog is intended to be more about discussion, tips and news rather then marketing, but for those of you who just-so-happened to stumble across our site and have no idea who we are, what we do, or why you should care, here is a brief (!) overview of KM Systems Group:

KM Systems Group is a premier strategy and technology consulting firm that works with successful, transformative organizations across government and industry. We are experts at defining and launching new programs and technology initiatives — from strategy and conceptual planning, through budget approval, acquisition, and project execution. KMSG’s expertise includes: Earned Value Management, Organizational Performance Improvement, and Project Portfolio Management. Our goal is to ensure the successful completion of mission critical projects by our customers and partners.

Posts will be made frequently, especially as government standards change, tools are enhanced, etc. so please check back in and become a regular reader!

Have a blog topic in mind that you would like us to comment on? Want to get more information on our bloggers or learn more about a particular post? Great! Please contact us at, and we would be happy to hear what you have to say and will respond as needed.

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