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Earned Value Management Assessment

Federal Agencies and Department of Defense programs must comply with Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR/DFAR) as well as ensure effective project oversight by requiring Contractors have a certified Earned Value Management System (EVMS). The EVMS should integrate program scope, schedule and cost objectives; establish a baseline plan for accomplishment of program objectives, and use EVM for performance measurement during execution of the program. KM Systems Group (KMSG) offers proven EVMS review and validation solutions for Federal Agencies and Government Contractors aimed at establishing compliance with the ANSI/EIA-748 EVMS Standard. KMSG Solutions Landing Page Image

Earned Value Management Systems

In this era of greater accountability and discipline, Federal Agencies and Commercial Organizations seek ways to drive the greatest possible return on their capital investments. More and more organizations are adopting Earned Value Management (EVM) because it is a proven project management methodology which provides the ability to assess program progress in an objective manner by combining measurements of scope, schedule and cost in a single integrated system. The end result is a crystal clear view of whether or not a project is on track to meet its intended goals. KM Systems Group (KMSG) is a recognized leader in the design, implementation and support of EVM systems because we go beyond merely helping our clients meet Agency and ANSI/EIA 748 EVM certification and performance requirements to truly working with them to achieve their desired business objectives.

Organizational Performance Improvement

Federal Agencies and Commercial Organizations now, more than ever, have to do more with less. Managers have to be lean and minimize costs while expanding services and still exceeding customer expectations. Proven weapons to avoid surprises are standardized processes, real-time information, accurate data, and efficient collaboration. Obtaining these critical enablers of success requires deliberate design and professional discipline. KM Systems Group (KMSG) enables performance improvement for companies seeking to maximize efficiency.

Project Portfolio Management

Federal Agencies and Commercial organizations face ever increasing IT budget cuts and constraints. For this reason it is imperative they maximize their return on investment by insuring all capital projects are directly aligned with the organization’s mission or objectives, leverage economies of scale through shared services, and the elimination of duplicative projects. They are also striving to improve the execution of capital projects to ensure on time and budget deployment of mission critical systems. KM Systems Group (KMSG) is a leader in Project Portfolio Management (PPM) and supporting the implementation of Project Management Office’s (PMO’s) for Federal Agencies and Commercial organizations.

Education & Training

Federal Agencies and Commercial Organizations face increasing competition for funding. In addition, programs and projects have become larger and more complex; and there is greater oversight from key stakeholders. Earned Value Management (EVM) is a proven project management methodology which is required to be used for major capital investments by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and by Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR/DFAR). In addition to implementing an EVM System (EVMS), Agencies are also challenged with enabling the Agency mission and improving the level of constituent services while doing so with decreasing financial resources. In order to successfully execute with precision, managers must motivate their teams, optimize resources, and validate products and service deliverables. KM Systems Group (KMSG) offers a full range of EVM education, EVMS training, and OPI education courses.